A.C.T.S. Ministries - A Call To Serve...
                Children's  Ministries
We are very enthusiastic about our children's classes every service.  
We are dedicated in building up our children,
As they are the church of tomorrow.
There is Children's Class Every Service. 
Our Curriculum is Awesome and Growing! 
Sunday's 10am - Kids in the Word
Is our Sunday Morning Bible Lesson.
Our children get into the Word of God
In a way that moves them
Not only to grow in their love for Jesus Christ 
But also in service to others.
Sunday's 11am - Children's Church
Our children's church is exploding with 
awesome worship.  
It is a time when the children can actually grow in leading other children in prayer, singing, bible reading and testimonies. 
After children's church they separate to their classes by age groups
and explore Christianity through awesome activities and crafts.
Friday Nights - Kids n Music  
In our Kids n Music Class we are creating a place for our children to explore Worship through Musical Instruments, Vocals, Dance, Video, Song Recording and Production.
2017 - Band Continues
 We are putting the band together this year!
 What a better way for your child
     To learn to Worship and Serve our      
 Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
 Than through their God given
talents and gifts.