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God is good, Thank you pastors for standing in Gods Word. I and my wife and family have been searching for many years for true people of God. God has blessed us with you as our pastors as we grow and prosper to do battle for souls in Jesus name.  Amen    
               Rick,Rose and Rico+Son!
It all started when I was fourteen years old. I was a gang member. My gang was named Latino’s Pride.  We were thirty strong and the leader was Rudy Pena.  He was very smart and wise.  I, Ricky Lopez, was good with my hands and feet, so they made me the Sergeant of Arms.  My Rosa was in my gang too. She was very attractive, and still is to this day.
I remember the fun we would have partying, drinking, dancing and of course, low riding in our low rider cars. I had a '73 Pontiac, lowered to the ground.  It had chrome rims, a chain steering wheel and a high-powered stereo with a power booster that did the job.
That all ended when another gang gave us trouble.  Its name was East Side Defenders. They were made up of young Mexican men at this time.  They wanted to rumble, so we went for it and they lost the battle.
We kept doing what we wanted to do.  Then one night, there rang out a shot that ended my friend’s life.  He got shot in the head. That friend was Rudy Pena from Latinos Pride. It was very sad as I held him dying in my arms.
After all this I came to a Plateau, and grateful to the living God that gave me a second chance at life.  He helped me and open my eyes to the truth.  It all started when I said “Lord Jesus forgive me for the sins that I have planted in my life, help me to do right Lord.” This is what I said and God heard my cries and set me free.
After I finished my studies at the Ukiah Adult School, where I and my wife both received our G.E.D and the Billy. R. Tantum award for making the most progress in our studies.  I can say that the life I live now is a sober and cleaner life as I continue as a student at Mendocino College.  I also can say that my training in the martial arts has had a big impact in my life.  The system I study is called Shorin-ryu Karate.  I am also a husband to the woman that stood by my side when the Devil tried to kill us, thank God He had other plans for us.
My wife's name is Rosa and she also received the Lord Jesus Christ as her savior, in Jesus name, amen. 
If you read and hear this story, just remember that there is a true living God that loves and cares for you.  So keep up the fight for the road of salvation, In The Name of Jesus Christ, the Lord of lords and King of kings.       
Rick Lopez
All The Way
Kenoly Brothers
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